IEEM, an Overview


Most of us have taken an examination at some point of our lives. We are familiar with the usual examination routine that we have faced as a candidate. For each examination that is completed without a glitch, there are innumerable number of activities that take place behind the scenes.


Each successful examination is the visible result of tireless effort of many people. Perfection is the outcome of a lot of little things done well.


IEEM has demonstrated its expertise in examination management all across India. The preparation for conducting an examination begins weeks ahead of the actual date. Each activity is executed with precision and strict adherence to a schedule. A similar flurry of activity goes on after the examination is held to ensure that results are indeed correct and may be declared on time.


Examination management is an interdisciplinary subject that calls for people with diverse skills. These include knowledge of statistics, psychometry, logistics, RDBMS and process management. Each activity is coordinated with a precision that would do Swiss watchmakers proud.

What's Your Examination?

Recruitment? Promotion? Certification examination? Degree? Diploma? Entrance examination?


IEEM has done it all. We will be happy to offer solutions to all your examination related requirements.






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